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Privacy Policy
Act-B Recycling Co., Ltd. formulated the policy of handling customers’ personal information as follows.
1. We comply with all laws and regulations concerning personal information protection.
  To comply with the laws and other regulations concerning personal information, we always make sure that our management system conforms to the laws and regulations.
2. We properly collect, use and store customers’ personal information.
  We properly collect and store customers' personal information and use such information only for the purpose pre-approved by the customers. We will not use customers' personal information for any other purpose.
3. We handle all personal information in good faith.
  Customers’ personal information is important asset for our business and it must be thoroughly protected against any theft (or misuse). We respect the rights of our customers and respond sincerely to customers’ request for rejection, correction and elimination of personal information.
4. Thorough safety management for improved protection of personal information.
  Except for legitimate reasons such as requests from authorities, we do not provide or disclose our customers’ personal information to any third party. We place all customers' personal information under strict control to secure it from any leakage.
Established on April 1, 2012
Act-B Recycling Co., Ltd.
Representative Director : Kiyoshi Araki
For any inquiries about our personal information policy, please contact the following.
CSR Promotion Section
   Phone: 0966-62-3300
(Hours: 08:00 - 17:00 Mon. thru Fri.)
   Fax: 0966-62-3338
(Hours: 24 hrs. all year long)
(Hours: 24 hrs. all year long)
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