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Corporate Philosophy
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Corporate Philosophy
Our objective is to make a meaningful contribution to the earth environment as well as to our customers by reducing, recycling and reusing (energy and) resources.
  The principle of sustainable society is that we help each other for a sustainable human development. To avoid environmental destruction, we must use the limited resources effectively. First, we should stop discarding used appliances (and find ways to recycle them). Act-B Recycling strongly promotes recycling them by sorting out the resources. We believe that each and every recycling work that we practice can help the development of a sustainable society and the global environmental protection.
Act-B Recycling intends to:
1. help creating a sustainable society.
2. try to creating a zero-emission company.
3. try to achieve totally harmless process.
4. open our plants to the public.
5. become a core in the eco-town business industry.
6. contribute to the local community development.
Management Philosophy of Act-B Recycling
°„Challenge°š   Always take on a new challenge
°„Co-Creation°š   Share insights to create new ideas
°„Reliance°š   Work hard to earn customers°« trust
2017 Management Policy
1. Continuing the safety first and no-accident/no-disaster policy.
2. Reduce costs by reducing waste.
3. Increase value added to valuable materials and maintain/improve quality.
4. Promote efficient operations.
5. Expanding orders for small household appliances.
6. A local contribution.
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