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Our Aims
Our message to the world from Minamata - We seek the true harmony of the nature and the humans.

With gratitude for blessings of nature, we humans have lived our lives through the ages by keeping the harmony with it. In modern times, the development of technology has made our lives remarkably convenient. On the other hand, the mass production and the mass consumption has adversely affected the global environment and now humans face serious environmental problems worldwide. This is the time for us to think about “the harmony with the nature” again. In Minamata, a city that once a victim of an unparalleled industrial pollution, we are working hard to protect the nature. Our recycling work may only solve a minimal part of the problems, but we believe that our daily efforts will lead to a bigger contribution to the global environmental conservation.

We would like to send our message to the world from Minamata.

We hope Our home appliance recycling efforts will make opportunities for many people, locally and globally, to think seriously about the future of our earth.

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Through home appliance recycling, we make contribution to the global environmental protection and the development of a material-recycle society.
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