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Community Collaboration
We value our relationship and cooperation with our community.

Involvement in Community

¢§Biannual Clean Activities

We have company-wide cleaning activities a year to pick up litter from streets. Surprisingly, there is still so much litter on the streets of the eco model city. We try to keep Minamata clean as a ”ČEnvironmental Model City”É.

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¢§Citizen's””Relay Marathon in March

A public ekiden relay race is held by Minamata City every year on the first Sunday in March.We only had one team participate in 2013, but we finished two places better than last year, coming in at a respectable 7th place.The runners are looking to finish even higher in the rankings next year.

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¢§Citizen's Boat Race in August

The "Serifune Taikai" is a traditional event in Minamata held every summer at the mouth of the Minamata River. Act-B participates every year.Starting about a month before the competition, the participants all gather after work and practice for about an hour.In 2012, we made it to the semi-finals. This year, we're hoping to build on our success and make it all the way to the finals.

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¢§Labor Cooperation with Welfare(1)

We provide space for Group Echo, a group in which people with mild disabilities can train to work in society.Normally, about 12-13 people work to remove and separate circuit boards, TV speakers, power cables, etc., from old appliances.

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¢§Labor Cooperation with Welfare(2)

With the construction of new space for dismantling office equipment and other non-household appilances , we created a new work line for people with disabilities.This space is used by people with mental disabilities from the Waku Work Minamata and the Minamata Welfare Workplace vocational aid centers.Separating all of the parts takes a long time to learn, but they continue to work enthusiastically.

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¢§Labor Cooperation with Welfare(3)

We collaborate with Hotto house, a workshop for people with Minamata Disease-related disorders and other handicaps, to develop new products by processing panel glass. We made it possible for the people from Hotto house to work with our regular employees in the same building. Their jobs include pasting transfer sheets and magnets as well as packaging.

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