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With the intention of taking the initiative on continuous environmental improvement, our environmental management activities focus, among various environmental impacts, on the following items:
  1. Make a contribution to build a sustainable society by reducing waste and promoting recycling resources.
  2. Promote energy conservation by economical use of energy.
  3. Promotion of proper collection of CFCs, which cause depletion of the ozone layer and global warming.
We set environmental targets to improve environmental performance, create and execute their realization plans, periodically evaluate and improve performance, make efforts to continuously improve EMS and to preserve the environment.
We will strictly adhere to our company’s concepts which go in line with laws and regulations on environmental protection as well as needs and expectations of various stakeholders.
4.Contribution to Local Community
By promoting clean environmental activities etc., we will strive to preserve natural environments of seas and oceans, mountains, rivers and the atmosphere and will actively take part in regional activities as one of the members of our local society.
5.Education and Training
To carry out our environmental agenda and to improve awareness of our environmental policy, we provide education to all employees.

This environmental policy will be put on cards and distributed to our employees to make it well known by everybody.
We also make the information available to stakeholders by publishing them on our website and in brochures.

Act-B Recycling Co., Ltd.
April 1, 2017

Representative Director : Kiyoshi Araki

Policy (Plan)

Classification Concrete Plan Period
Reduce wastes. Reduce disposal plastics. Up to the end of the fiscal year
Increase recyclable CFC. Up to the end of the fiscal year
Increase recovering CFC. Prevent troubles of CFC recovering machines. Up to the end of the fiscal year
Promote energy saving. Increase the rate of operation. Up to the end of the fiscal year
Abolish redundant electricity. Up to the end of the fiscal year
Reduce a strage for keeping products. Reduce the fuel for lift cars, Reduce CO2. Up to the end of the fiscal year

Implementation System (Society)


Reduction target of the amount of emission related to greenhouse effect gas.

Not exceed emission level of the last year related to greenhouse effect gas.
(Compared to the amount of emission in the twenty-twelve fiscal year, it will be △0% in twenty-seventeen fiscal year)

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