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Description of Business
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Description of Business
We think about the global environment in terms of the waste issues.
Until not long ago, most of discarded appliances were buried under the ground. In many places worldwide, this kind of waste disposal has created environmental problems such as underground water pollution. Act-B Recycling was established in April 2001 in Minamata, Kumamoto to recycle discarded appliances. We are specialized in collecting and processing the four major appliances, television, refrigerator, washing machine and air-conditioner, brought in from the central and south Kyushu areas. Home appliances have many recyclable materials such as iron, aluminum, copper and plastic. As a matter of fact, nearly 80% of appliance materials can be recycled as renewed resources. Act-B Recycling provides consignment processing services to Japan’s major appliance manufacturers including Hitachi Appliance Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation and Fujitsu General.
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